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스노우테일 on Twitter: "넌 나의 Lucky One☄ https://t.co/kjxwJClklK https://t.co/T8emkbNhGd"

스노우테일 on

“✻ snow tale // do not edit.

EXO Xiumin looks perfectt♥ really looks like he's in charge of Frost/Snow☆

Xiumin in the tree of life<<< omo how can he be so cute and sexy and and and.you gei it right?

Ladies and Gents, I present to you Xiumin: the oldest member in EXO XD #LOL

This is why he's my bias. xiumin, the oldest member of exo ladies and gentlemen.

Xiumin's aegyo being forced out by the cold. It needs to be cold more often then.

Same Xiumin, I'm freezing in 50 degree weather because I've never seen or experienced a day of snow in my life help

Xiumin's Frost/Snow

Xiumin's Frost/Snow