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Well I am as ugly as they get so yeah they were probably like “ hey remember that girl we say in Walmart?” And they be like “yeah that god damn ugly bitch still haunts my dreams...... damn..”

I wonder if I've ever been that girl someone saw in public and couldn't forget. Highly doubt it


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Im so done i dont know what to do anymore. I just wanna end life. I just might i have nobody now. I just wanna be done so bad. I wanna say goodbye

Im so done i dont know what to do anymore. I just might i have nobody now. I wanna say goodbye

The Random Vibez gets you some heart touching, sad Depressing Love Quotes which states the feeling of every person who has lost his love!

There are days I just want to run away. Turn off my phone, go somewhere and think all day.

My heart is trying to cope with all of these emotions and my mind just keeps saying run away! Mind you are suppose to be the smart one in this relationship. Welcome to my dark side.

Forever in my head keeping me in chains. Is there an escape?

You don't run. you confront them and face them and make them go away in the light of knowledge and truth. Just face them. They can't win if you do that. It may take awhile, but they can't win. I CANT DO THIS ~MACKENZIE