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вазочка (1) (492x700, 107Kb)

вазочка (1) (492x700, 107Kb)

Fish Paper Craft for Kids (Perfect for an ocean unit or birthday party!)  Buggy and Buddy

Fish Paper Craft for Kids

Fish Paper Craft for Kids - Buggy and Buddy Fish Paper Craft for Kids (Perfect for an ocean unit or birthday party!) Buggy and Buddy If you absolutely love arts and crafts a person will really like our info!

22 Paper Plate Animals


Fun animal paper plate crafts, make these with your kids, and create your own zoo!

Spring chicks are out and about. Try this simple Easter craft!

Simple Easter Chicks ~ an easy Easter craft for kids. Are you looking for some simple Easter Crafts for Kids inspiration? I love creating with my kids. Especially when the crafts are as simple as these little Easter Chicks.

DIY Tiger Paper Plates | Great crafts for kids. It will help them become busy and inspired everyday.

5 Awesome Toddler Crafts by Kid Play + Do

Упаковка пасхальных яиц.


Follow the link to see the other "crazy hair" projects that the kids make. Just start with a headband (maybe add a loop up top), then staple away to your heart's content.

I could use this for crazy hat day.Paper strip hats using curled, folded and shaped paper strips. Approved by Andrea Beaty, author of Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau.

Egg holder

Easter Ideas from Our Mail

halloween paper bag crafts

Super-cool crafts to make out of paper bags!

Who knew there were so many awesome things you could make with a paper bag! Here are more than 35 fab paper bag crafts for all seasons and all age groups!

cute crafts

From tie-dyed Easter eggs to toilet roll "peeps", these seven kid-friendly crafts are sure to keep your honey-bunny and his pint-sized pals entertained.