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Semana Design Rio Fábrica da Bhering 7-9 Nov 2014

Semana Design Rio Fábrica da Bhering 7-9 Nov 2014

Click to enlarge image 02-1969-Day-of-Solidarity-with-Venezuela-Faustino-Perez.jpg

Vintage Political Posters From Cuba

Cuban OSPAAAL posters - Day of Solidarity with Venezuela, poster by Faustino Perez

1949_Lisboa #Portugal

- Poster announcing the celebration of traditional festivities in June

New book published in Warsaw in English by the Adam Mickiwicz Institute, VeryGraphic: Polish Designers of the 20th Century.

From Poland, the Soul of Graphic Design

Henryk Tomaszewski, Witold Gombrowiczs History, theatre poster, image courtesy of Filip Pągowski - photo 11

Cargo - Featured Artists

Braulio Amado - New poster for OWL — gay disco party happening June 19 at Julius, NYC

Typography by Min

Posters: Guimarães Jazz 2010 Atelier Martino&Jaña are back again for the 2010 posters for the Guimarães Jazz festival. This year, it’s all about bold and color – here’s a snippet from their description on Behance: “ As a reaction to the success of.


In this post we bring you a short list of creative and adorable poster design for your graphic inspiration. These poster designs ideas have their magical

Rosamary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby is a 1968 American psychological horror film written and directed by Roman Polanski. The director of some of the most important films of the last five decades, Rosemary's Baby is arguably Polanski's masterpiece.