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rinkak 3D printed sheep

Rinkak Marketplace of Japan is offering a new printed Woodlike material that allows designers to have their goods laser sintered in wood.


9 Ways 3-D Printing Makes The World Better



print your own shoes! Now that's a fun idea. Bryan Oknyansk was the first designer to offer a customized printed shoe online store. Experimentally he also created a desgin for Vogue Italy printed in metal (©Bryan Oknyansky)

OverLord Multicolor 3D Printer is Coming to Kickstarter, Starting at Only £99 http://3dprint.com/25521/dreammaker-overlord-3d/

Samsung's multi-color printing process patent reveals its interest in printing market

A neuron pendant that will make you look beautiful 3d printed Necklaces Pendants neuron pendant in silver

Neuron pendant: science jewelry


kinematics in gold

Bartlet. Manuel Jimenez G. and Gilles Retsin

GAD – RC4 / Computational design methodologies for large-scale 3D printing

in London researches computational design methodologies for large-scale printing with industrial robots, taking logistical, structural and material

Custom pendant with Celtic knot pattern.

There is neither beginning nor end in beautifully intertwined Celtic knots. With Sertae, a des…