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The gender neutrality of this game is just perfect. I think the reason Frisk has no gender is so the player/reader can relate to Frisk whether they are male or female. I picture Frisk as a girl, but that's also probably because I'm a girl.

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Wow, I'd love to say this to all the people that take my favorite straight characters that have awesome friendships and demean them by making it romantic.

* The fact like a tiny yellow bird can carry you over a disproportionate river without complaint... Fills you with DETERMINATION

* The fact that a tiny yellow bird can carry Frisk over a disproportionately small gap in the river without complaint. Fills you with DETERMINATION

I need to play this now, especially with the puns

My gosh the lame puns! Never change Sans. your lame dad jokes will get you far…

DETERMINATION by AmyPinkerson on DeviantArt

This this picture represents the gamer side of me since this character is from a video game called undertale and you have already seen that I love Pokémon as well.