we-are-rogue: “Rogue by qingkai yang ”


f Rogue Thief whip daggers leather RPG Female Character Portraits : Photo

Character Dual Swords on Behance

we-are-rogue: “ Dual Swords by Ana Luzajic ”


art-of-cg-girls: Mage Girl by Un Lee

'Ethengarian, or maybe ffollowed of Madua from Cynidicea  [-- Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2017]

f Fighter med armour mace bow Female warrior


Art by: Joanna Wolska

#female #warrior #samurai

RPG Female Character Portraits — foxy-nerdy: 2017 0403 by Dapeng Chen

My personal Vision as Kylar would look like. Kylar is the maincharacter of Brent Weeks' "The Night Angel Trilogy" Including Stuff: Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little variou...

f Rogue Thief leather Dagger lwlvl My personal vision of Viridiana "Vi" Sovari - another maincharacter of Brent Weeks' "Night Angel Triologie" Body: Triss Merigold, Face: Femshep (Mass Effect), various parts from Assassins Creed and.

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Viv - the Lance Cancelled Video Game Work: Monk by Cryptcrawler

Women of Fantasy : Photo

f Grimalkin the Witch Rogue Assassin, Julia Kovalyova ArtStation

tumblr_np13l3UDeF1sazby5o10_1280.jpg (916×1410) -Looks like Arya Stark as an adult

-Looks like Arya Stark as an adult

ArtStation - Reho's Journey - Character designs, Moritz Lacusteanu

f Fighter lwlvl sword ArtStation - Reho's Journey - Character designs, Moritz Lacusteanu

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f Rogue w 2 magic dagger wearehexblade: “we-are-rogue: “Carolle Van Veen by GerryArthur ” Looks like medieval portal blades ”


f Half Elf Ranger traveller ArtStation - Foxy, Mikhail Palamarchuk

Gillin by vielmond on DeviantArt

My character: Sera, the Human Rogue, Age: Chaotic Good

Jakardros+Sovark.jpg (343×741)

m Ranger Studded Leather Longbow lwlvl eye patch

Female Halfling Fighter with Magic initiate, medium armor and longsword

Female Halfling Fighter/Sorceress with medium armor and longsword