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제임스 티소 [무도회], 19세기경, 캔버스에 유채, 90x50, 오르세미술관    제임스 티소가 그린 이 작품은 사교계를 바라보는 날카롭고 비판적인 시선이 담겨있다. 여인은 머리가 하얗게 센 남자의 팔짱을 끼고 있지만 시선은 다른 곳에 있는 제 3자를 향해 있는 듯 하다.   처음 보자마자 노란색에 압도가 되는 작품이다. 드레스에 장식된 레이스나 디테일한 장식이 굉장히 섬세하게 표현되어 눈길을 끈다.  티소가 그린 드레스들을 바탕으로 훗날 영화감독들이 자신의 시대극을 만들 때 표본으로 사용했다고 한다.

French artist, James Jacques Joseph Tissot 'The Ball'. The willowy lady in golden yellow eager looks about while spreading her golden yellow fan.

Princesse de Broglie - James Tissot  1895

The Princess of Broglie - James Tissot - circa pastel--James Jacques Joseph Tissot October 1836 - 8 August 1902

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The Storm - Pierre-Auguste Cot (French, c. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Bequest of Catharine Lorillard Wolfe, 1887

October, 1877 - James Jacques Joseph Tissot, French, 1836 - 1902.

James Tissot "October" 1877 James Jacques Joseph Tissot was a French painter, who spent much of his career in Britain. Oil on canvas In the collection of Montreal Museum of Arts (Montreal, Canada)

Albert Henry Collings by ondiraiduveau on Flickr.

Albert Henry Collings, RBA British), Portrait of a Lady. Albert Henry Collings, RBA was an English artist most notable for his portraiture.

맑은물 함세린 정격시조 문학회 | 고혹적인 그림들/Giovanni Boldini #1 - Daum 카페

Giovanni Boldini Portrait of the Marchesa Luisa Casati, with a Greyhound art painting for sale; Shop your favorite Giovanni Boldini Portrait of the Marchesa Luisa Casati, with a Greyhound painting on canvas or frame at discount price.

Dawn by Edmund Hodgson Smart 1907 wow, that lighting is amazing

Dawn 1907 Edmund Hodgson Smart Born: Ainwick, England 1873 Died: Beverly Hills, California 1942 oil on canvas 61 x 43 in.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of the artist Renwick Gallery Floor, Corridor

Painting of the Day!  John White Alexander "Young Woman Arranging Her Hair" 1856-1915 American Symbolist painter Oil on canvas  To see more works by this artist please visit us at: https://www.artrenewal.org/Artwork/Index/29133

peril: ca John White Alexander (American portrait, figure, decorative painter, illustrator; ~ Young Woman Arranging Her Hair, oil on canvas

Viktor Schramm (Romanian, 1865 - 1929) 'The Fitting', 1900. Girls are wearing Mid 19th Century Gowns.

Viktor Schramm - Bei der Anprobe [The Fitting] 1900 Beautiful fabric detail.

 Gustave Moreau c 1890 "The Toilet." I love the rich color and texture.

Gustave Moreau La Toilette oil, watercolor, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

"A woman of ambition"-James Tissot

James Jacques Joseph Tissot The Political Lady painting for sale, this painting is available as handmade reproduction. Shop for James Jacques Joseph Tissot The Political Lady painting and frame at a discount of off.