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“김태욱의 마음에는 그대가 살고 있나봐 #김태욱”

He who stole my heart from 2 years ago. My love, my heart, my king, Kim Heechul.

Heechul and Kyuhyun♡♡  | the moment when two evil master minds made a contract~

“ 150501 in Singapore - Heechul and Kyuhyun cr: ShoSJ ”

Heechul - IG

My ultimate bias in the kpop world. A million other man cannot be compared to this oppa.

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pic of hee chul of super jr | Home ♥ Kim Heechul ♥ Photo Gallery Video Page

It has been reported that Super Junior’s prettiest member, Kim Hee Chul will collaborate with an underground hip-hop group, Defconn.

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