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Giant Beast, Indonesia

Monster Crocodile, Adelaide River, Australia photo via dailymail. this "monster croc" is missing an arm. how big was the other crocodile that bit this things arm off? i think your monster croc is still out there.

A Python ate a person who was drunk, from Attapady, Kerala, India (I'm sorry..It isn't adorable..)


A picture of a snake that looks like it has eaten a human-sized meal has been taking the internet by storm. The enormous python is pictured after eating a snack that some suggest was a person. A Python ate a person who was drunk and lying beside the


The photo was taken at the entrance to Katlian Bay. The whale is coming up to scoop up a mouthful of herring. The kayaker is a local Sitka Dentist. The whale's mouth is fully open with the bottom half under the boat by Mark Tennant.

Tuna Tornado!

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.

Kinda makes me wonder if its actually a  separate species or if its just like a genetic defect in a more common type of shark- kinda like chromosomal abnormalities in humans often resulting in visible deformities... Must look into it later

MFS-Strange but TRUE The goblin shark, Mitsukurina owstoni, is a deep-sea shark, the sole living species in the family Mitsukurinidae.


Wild animals picture of surfing with dolphins in an amazing nature photo. This water sports pic is of naturally playful mammals in the ocean.

Il aura fallu 37 jours pour capturer et tuerle plus grand anaconda en Amazonie (2967 kg pou 137 m) Ken - Google+

Is This Anaconda Really the World's Biggest Snake?: World's Biggest Snake?

White buffalo

I have seent this in my dreams! White Buffalo- Native Americans hold it sacred. A white buffalo was born in Wisconsin named Miracle. * * I REMEMBER THAT ! A Menomonee/Chippewa friend of mine and her daughter were rejoicing and went to see it.

And you thought having raccoons in your garbage was bad! - Coconut Crab

Coconut crab

Giant Monster Crab climbs everything! The coconut crab is the largest land-living arthropod in the world. Also known as the robber crab, the coconut crab is .

Dive with crocodiles in this clear cage in Australia. Next time I go. I never made it to Darwin. Bucket list.

Poor thing in captivity, entertainment slave just so morons can safely dive with crocodiles in this clear cage in Australia. Get in the water near salties like I do and grow a pair.

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