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JAZZомания: Один день из жизни парламентария (Продолжение 2)

So beautiful. Jumping spider from the family Salticidae. These spiders have surprisingly strong eye site and stalking skills.

Orange Fractal Spiral Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

❄۞Φ Fractals Φ۞❄ ~ Orange Fractal Spiral Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

GetawayMoments: Green Bee Macro Deconstruction

Walking through my garden I noticed a dead green bee. This green bee macro decons.

The sea gooseberry is the constituent of plankton that produces up to a thousand eggs per day. IT has two immense tentacles covered with adhesive cells,which it lets hang, like a flytrap, to snare small crustaceans, eggs, and larvae that make up its menu.

They are adorable. They are colorful. They arecalled sea gooseberries. Gooseberries of the sea.

.Burnished droplets. TG

Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; Then leaf subsides to leaf. Nothing gold can stay.

aqua sea - Google Search

UNDER THE SEA Beauty in "Sea Glass". I want to wear just this one color forever.kidding-still gorgeous, though.

seeing water in a different ways, By tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp via Flickr.

March archieve abstract view of waterdrops on Andenium flower, love these bokeh :) Canon EOS EF IS USM shoot in JPEG, proccessed with Adobe Photoshop