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Tips and Tactics. Color chart for lures/fish.

Swimbait fishing lures, how to choose which color bait to use according to water clarity or species of fish (bass, crappie, or walleye/saugeye) ((Updated)) SO helpful!

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Confused about all the different types of fishing rods on the market today? Although there are numerous companies making a wide variety of of fishing rods, understanding the differences in how rods…

.cool chart to review.

How to pick your lure color for Bass Fishing, Saugeye Fishing, Walleye Fishing, or Crappie Fishing according to water clarity. SO helpful!

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You can use crankbaits year-round, for any species of fish! Learn more about the most versatile lure out there.

Organization and Rod Selection - Keys to Success in Tournament Fishing

Keys to Success in Tournament Fishing: It's All About Preparation