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cyber reaper concept by marat ars Exotique: The World’s Most Beautiful CG Characters

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more of that fallen angel with the broken halo thing going on. having way more fun with the new workflow than i thought On a separate note, ive been toy. Aoe, fallen angel of the great swing

Demon of the Abyss_Adv by Marat-Ars - marat ars - CGHUB via

Marat Ars is a concept artist from Russia who created awesome fantasy and sci-fi digital artwork for video games.

A... Thing...

Awesome Digital Art by PO-WEN. Really cool inspiration for one of my monsters in my board game.

Ghosts, Witches, Magic and …Sci-Fi by Aldo Katayanagi | The Dancing Rest

Ghosts, Witches, Magic and …Sci-Fi by Aldo Katayanagi

High Res Final Dragon Age III - Underground Black Prince by Niko Nikizar

Hi guys, finally my first post on ZBrushcentral :), and here are some of my works, hope you like it, cheers:) Underground Black Prince took the first place with it ) 431941 431942 431943 431944