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Gerhard Richter - Abstract Art - "Art is the pure realization of religious feeling, capacity for faith, longing for God. […] The ability to believe is our outstanding quality, and only art adequately translates it into reality.

Geoffrey Johnson’s paintings | Portachi

Geoffrey Johnson’s human figures fade into almost transparent urban scapes. His paintings successfully capture the alluring space between abstraction and realism.

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Gerhard Richter- look at the hint of a landscape. Torn apart, but in paradise colours. Don't love the brightnes of this one, but the starkness of the dragging is great.

Transparent collage on glass by Tang Kwok Hin | | #collage #art #photography

Transparent Collage on Glass by Tang Kwok-hin. Transparent images on glass creating this town is very creative

Gerhard Richter 1999 Drawings and Notes

Gerhard Richter drawing, 1999 graphite on paper Gerhard Richter. Lines which do not exist 11 September – 18 November 2010 Drawing Center, New York

Gerhard Richter, Overpainted photograph

red-lipstick: “ André Schmucki (Lucerne, Switzerland) - Tentative, 2012 Paintings: Oil on Canvas ”

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'Abstraktes Bild' by German artist Gerhard Richter Oil on Alu Dibond, 50 x 35 cm.