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korean craft mother of pearl

korean craft mother of pearl

the 2013 memories of an artisan | kim soo-young & gio kisang

Cinematographer & Photographer based in Asia, Seoul, South Korea YÉOL

Korean shop Posh Projects and Realize design studio have collaborated to create the new Luna iPhone Skin, a crater infested concrete shell for your iPhone 5. Industrial designers and founders of Realize Studio Jihye Kim, Chang Ho Lee, Jae Yong Lee, and Hyerim Shin led the design team in realizing the moon-inspired iPhone skin.

Concrete Craters: Posh Craft & Realize Create the Luna iPhone 5 Skin

what the Posh Craft x Realized Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5 offers is a thin layer of real concrete that sticks to the back of your iPhone. no sides, no front - it is just like what said it is: a skin, in concrete.

korean craft mother of pearl

Korean Craft at Tent during the London Design Festival

L’expo de la semaine | MilK decoration

L’expo de la semaine

Most Modest

Most Modest for the Home and the Workplace

Concrete Luna Skin For iPhone5 Designed By Posh-Projects

Concrete Craters: Posh Craft & Realize Create the Luna iPhone 5 Skin

This concrete iPhone 5 skin was created by POSH-PROJECTS and made to resemble the surface of the moon. The unique iPhone skin doesn't just look cool, it ads an extra layer of protection to your smart phone.

Nacre and resin plate by FICT ‘From Craft to industry’

NACRE AND RESIN OBJECTS - Nacre, also known as mother of pearl, is the iridescent inner lay of shells and it also makes up the outer coating of pearls. South Korean design studio FICT (From Craft to.

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Golden Biscotti - plates porcelain gray set - on ETSY

Statement salads inquire within. /

Farmhouse Pottery Handcrafted Wood Bowls by Food52

Statement salads inquire within. These statement wooden bowls in a variety of versatile sizes are each hand carved from New England ash wood and finished with a food safe teak oil.