I love these colors. If it were a print, it would be perfect for N's office or Peter's (future) room.

A beautiful Solar System Wolf t-shirt for kids, designed by Brent Couchman.

Enkel Dika é uma ilustradora de Struga, Macedonia. Enkel sabe como combinar duas histórias ou 2 objetos em uma unica imagem, dando um tom muito criativo e com

Ilustrações criativas por Enkel Dika

Love all maps. Especially maps with octopuses (octopi?) and bicycles

Marynn - http://www.blckdmnds.com/as-ilustracoes-inocentes-de-marynn/#

As ilustrações inocentes de Marynn

French graphic design student, Marynn, is based in Nantes and have a curiosity led by the search of realism. You can see that in her simple yet graphic style using black and white pencil with subtle touch of colors. I especially like her portraits series.