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What I picture when Niall and Harry crashed into the glass door...

2014年 反響の多かったもの

Alfred Hitchcock is alive and working in all of us!!

It Happened One Morning! Poor baby is having a coronary -I would too, if I saw that shadow.

That dog does not look like a dog it looks like a mommy LION!!!!!!

kitty cat, my main concern is the large cat indoors.who has a pet mountain lion?

I shouldn't have stuck my nose where it didn't belong lol

We took a lot of heat from dog owners after our last post about dogs that immediately regretted their poor life choices, so we decided it was time to spread the heat: this is Bored Panda's ultimate list of cat-fails! Maybe cats are more agile, and maybe e

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An automatic doggy door for fido. Push with the paw and the door opens. We can't be teaching animals how to open doors! Has no one here seen Jurrasic Park?

This doge works at a cigarette stand in Japan

This doge works at a cigarette stand in Japan

Such Doge, Much Kawaii // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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