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ARMATA ROSSA - Fanteria 1941 - Armamento fucile mitragliatore PPSh-41, fucile Mosin Nagan e mitragliatrice Degtyarev DP. Andrey Karashchuk. Box art Master Box

The Master Box Soviet Infantry In Action in scale from the plastic figure models range accurately recreates the real life Russian soldiers from World War II. This plastic figures kit requires paint and glue to complete.

Las Cosicas del Panzer — Infantería soviética. 1944-1945...

Soviet infantry, with pps ppsh Dp Mosin nagant carabine and captured german Panzerfaust

Bolt Action - OXI - Greek Army Project Part 1: The Infantry ~ WWPD: Wargames, Board Games, RPGs, LCGs, and more!

Nikos Panos Battle Dress October 2013 · Edited HELLENIC (GREEK) ARMY, Greek Infantrymen in action! One of two sets -the other titled of my new Battle Dress series.

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ultimate-world-war-ii: “And again…more military uniforms from the countries that participated in World War II.


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In addition to the heroic defense of Odessa, Sevastopol and Leningrad, Soviet naval infantry took part in numerous landings on a small scale, apart from the incursions of the legendary explorers Fleet, being a thorn in the sides of the Germans.

Oleg the Bear, Hauptscharführer of the Russian National Liberation Army and Bronislav Kaminski's right-hand man.

The Special Operations Company of the Airborne Division operates under direct orders of the OSS, fighting a secret war against the dark powers allied with the Third Reich.

Voronezh area ww2 - Soviet Army - Rifles Guard Rgt.

signalman alexander ilchenko of the guards rifle regiment, guards rifle division uses the field telephone during street fighting in the voronezh area. ilchenko was reported killed in action in