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These illustrations of tea bowl shapes come from flyeschool.com. The September 2014 issue of Ceramics Monthly (http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramics-monthly/ceramics-monthly-september-2014/) includes a few examples of tea bowls and yunomis made by Dick Lehman, Inayoshi Osamu, and Bede Clarke. In the Exposure section we have more, including tea bowls by Zach Tate, Ian Childers, Stuart Gair and Melissa Yungbluth as we cover the KC Clay Guild Tea Bowl National.

Traditional Japanese tea bowl shapes, labeled with their names in English and Japanese.


vaisselle bol pied Around and About with Bulldog Pottery: The Japanese Tea Bowl, Fuku Fukumoto, Shinrin Yoku

Tea pot by Shinobu HASHIMOTO, Japan  出典:器・UTSUWA&陶芸blog

design d'objet//Tea pot by Shinobu HASHIMOTO, Japan. (I don't drink hot tea, but I love interesting tea pots and sets.