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Overwatch: Image Gallery

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Sombra's Boop Ability by luffie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt #overwatch #sombra #switch #nintendo #comic

I couldn't resist it, a "boop" must be applied to a dog, and what better candidate is there than Nintendo's Switch Dog? With Sombra's ability, she could.

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Omg, I like this author's drawing style for Sombra, like omfg

luoiae: “ please god why are hanzos shitty chicken legs real ”


I love that voice line that jack says. Its like its saying "hey, overwatch fans I'm not these kids dad or anyones dad"

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Ping Pong Circulate intensifies!

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179 則未讀訊息 - 沾沾沾 - 腦洞永遠補不完的沾 (annx3) 在噗浪 - Plurk

179 則未讀訊息 - 沾沾沾 - 腦洞永遠補不完的沾 (annx3) 在噗浪 - Plurk


"How to fail at dating written by hanzo shimada and inspired by mecree and failure of a first date