Tales to Astonish 81 Sub-Mariner Hulk silver age marvel comics group

Ah yes, The Boomerang. Weird how practically every villain Lee created sans Kirby & Ditko sucked major dog turds, isn't it? Almost as if he WASN'T the creative engine behind 'Mighty Marvel' after all (what, too sarcastic?

The Incredible Hulk #172 (Feb '74) cover by Herb Trimpe. #comics #Juggernaut

For sale marvel comics incredible hulk 172 juggernaut origin x-men doctor strange herb trimpe artwork comic book emorys memories.

Magneto - Scarlet Witch

Journey into Mystery 109 Thor Vs Magneto Silver age Marvel comics group


Devil Dinosaur Pencils, Cover Art, and Story by Jack Kirby. Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy.

"The murderously magnificent gal they call Man-Killer!"

Lot Detail - Marvel Team-Up Marvel Comics (Featuring Gil Kane Cover/Art; Gerry Conway and Len Wein Stories)

Marvel HULK #101 Sub-Mariner Retro Wood Comic Cover Plaque Wall Art #weboys10

Marvel HULK #101 Sub-Mariner Retro Wood Comic Cover Plaque Wall Art

Marvel Two-in-One # 23 by Ron Wilson & Joe Sinnott

Marvel Two-In-One 21 to The Thing meets pulp fiction hero Doc Savage and then visits the lands of the gods to show them that he's worth his weight in gold.

The Demon #2 (1972) by Jack Kirby

Friday the Jack Kirby. The Demon . What more do you need to know before you can enjoy these ka-razee Kirby kovers, Groove-oph.

Marvel Team-Up #8 first appearance of Man-Killer

Considering I was only when I first started picking up Amazing Spider-Man comic books, I’m always impressed by a number of issues I’ve dubbed my “survivors.