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Noritake 書籍「女子力男子 ~女子力を身につけた男子が新しい市場を創り出す/原田曜平 著」(宝島社)のイラストを描かせていただきました。デザインは文平銀座さん。12月12日発売。

Noritake 書籍「女子力男子 ~女子力を身につけた男子が新しい市場を創り出す/原田曜平 著」(宝島社)のイラストを描かせていただきました。デザインは文平銀座さん。12月12日発売。

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product name

Noritake notebook

蓮沼執太フィル/ジム・オルークとレッドゼツリン @LIQUIDROOM - NB(Noritake)

蓮沼執太フィル/ジム・オルークとレッドゼツリン @LIQUIDROOM - NB(Noritake)

Though posters may be used for many purposes; advertisers (such as events, films, and musician), and protesters used this tool for communicating their message, educationalists used for educational purposes and so on. Posters are of different types and may be of any sizes. Here in this post, we have 40 cool poster designs for your inspiration.

40 Cool & Creative Poster Designs

Poster & Flyer Design Liberty University Camp Fair poster (I have to try these paper sculpture things!) (also a cool idea to have little toys or something?

Love these. The get the mood and the message across in stunning fashion. #PosterDesign

Yalhngup surfilm festival Dark background with light reflections and glow effects makes the poster serious, tranquilizing and magnificent.

betype:        The letters in the cities by  Alexandr Aubakirov      (via sharedbythom)

betype: The letters in the cities by Alexandr... - iqagency