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Nothing found for 2013 12 17 Alien Landscapes Bence Bakonyi

what is real?

What if what we think is real isn't and what if what isn't real is actually real? Could things be upside down or right side up? Is everything we think we know to be real an illusion?

mpdrolet:  David Swailes

mpdrolet: David Swailes

The wonderful miniature constructs made by Takanori Aiba are just breathtaking in their complexity and detail. Tiny little worlds exist where one can imagine tiny little dramas and comedies might take place. Hudreds of invisible Lilliputian men and women carrying on unseen lives. Featured here are the Bonsai series, the Rock Island series, the Lighthouse …

Takanori Aiba’s Intricate, Fantastical Sculptures of Bonsai Buildings – Flavorwire

A colorful, dancing figure is transformed into a rainbow mist when photographed in a long exposure under low light.

Photographer Brice Bischoff uses Bronson Caves, famous as a filming location for multiple movies and TV shows, for the backdrop of this colorful project.

Swiss artist Not Vital is currently showcasing his first major UK solo exhibition. The installation includes works such as the above "Moon" at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Not Vital opens first major UK solo show

First major UK solo exhibition for Not Vital at Yorkshire Sculpture Park