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I'll probably die the day a dude actually tells me he loves my personality and not just my body.

idk he universe seems to hate me today, so prob not. i broke a mirror today and cut myself w/ the glass shards.

I've always wanted that

Have a guy win a stuffed toy at a carnival for me. I actually want this to happen. I want to go on a date to a carnival and have so much fun.

Be Friends With a Celebrity!

Oh yeah. But the only celebrities that I wanna be friends with are dead. :( I mean Audrey Hepburn, Peter Lawford, and Robin Williams! Though I wouldn't mine being friends with Bailee Madison or ooooooh Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

We Heart It

I am not as girly as I would like! need to set a list of how to do this! and stick to it for at least a year>>>> I'm a mixture of a tomboy and a girly girl

Yes! Supergirl, The Flash, or The Lion Guard.

This would be a really cool experience to be an extra in a movie or tv show. It would be a great opportunity to see the set and meet the actors who star on my favourite shows!