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Tire Playground Ideas (Brainstorm) - alex montero photo :: would be an economical way for cities to equip playgrounds & parks, a durable piece too.

Kid's Backyard Tire Swing

One Day Project: Kid's Backyard Tire Swing

Tire swing - Popular Mechanics One Day Project: Kid's Backyard Tire Swing This tire swing project is easy to assemble and hang from a backyard tree branch. Even better, it's a great way to find a new life for a used motorcycle tire.

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Bikestand Made of Recycled Tires

Tire Bike Racks: Creation of Finnish designer A Samuli Kotkas; this bike stand gives old tires a creative and functional use. For School and parks

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I know where there ware plenty of tires and I know where there are some grandkids who would like this when they get bigger!

Playground Made from Recycled Tires

Kids Playground Made from Recycled Tires

Create monkey bar for playground by recycling unusable tires of your vehicle. Make this fun equipment for your child with low cost.

Ladybug Tire Swing - Thanks Auntie Julie!!

Exactly what the tree could use behind the swing set. Super cute lady bug tire swing DIY This is an awesome idea!

One of the biggest challenges parents are facing today is raising healthy kids. Nowadays, most of the kids are spending long hours indoors watching TV, and playing with their computers and tablets, which is affecting their physical and mental health. However, parents should be creative and help their children to have exciting outdoor activities, where they can spend their time and have fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. To help you with this we've collected 11 creative backyard play ideas ...

11 Backyard Play Ideas You Can Do By Yourself

Backyard or garden is a great place to set up a play area for your children. A fun and safe playground will make your kids away from the computers and be willing to stay outside. Just as this tyre race car track, it is easy and affordable to make, and wil