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I can completely see Cas not getting that, though it would be more in character for him to just look confused until one of the boys explained.

As much as I am for Dean and Cas holding hands, Cas did learn high-fiving from watching the men in at the Gas 'n Sip!D

I don't care if I've pinned this already. I'm doing it again!

Don't sell your soul to Crowley. We literally have ten seasons of a TV show explaining why we shouldn't do that. But I would still do it if he gives me Destiel

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Fun Fact: Dean also sold his soul on Sam's birthday and then died on his next one. Plus, he went to Hell on National Fire Day and that place is said to be on fire. <<< THAT'S NOT A FUN FACT

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Destiel<<<this is perfect, and so is that person they added a pic of(for the role) BEN BARNES

At first I was like, "Oh a cute story about Cinderella genderbend", then I was all, "NO OMG THAT'S DESTIEL!!" LOL XD:

I wanna say this is perfect for all my wonderful ships, but the handprint demands me to put this on my Destiel board.<-- It demands me to put it on my SuperWhoLock page.