Typography Alphabet :: Nutura is an Experimental Typeface Based on the Geometric Deconstruction of Futura

Nutura is an experimental typeface based on a geometric deconstruction of Futura. The posters are for an upcoming exhibition called Paperwork. by Anthony Neil Dart

Paris Pro Typeface | Regular | The Ultimate Typeface for Fashion and Luxury by Moshik Nadav

Paris Pro Regular White by Moshik Nadav Typography. Beautiful, suggestive, disappearing hairline stokes of the 'S' makes the connecting swash to the 't' seem a little weighty as well as the slightly squared terminal verses the razor sharp crossbar.

Numbers by Alexander Wright

Numbers by Alexander Wright

All sizes | A | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I love the idea of combining a script and a slab serif typeface to creative an entirely different font. I've been struggling with a trademark for myself and the initials AA so this gives me some new direction. Editorial+typography / All sizes

Alex Perez

Type Fighters I love this decorative 3 by Alex Perez. It was created for the brilliant Type Fight project. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, the Type Fight creators —Drew Roper, Ryan Paule &.