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Opossum babies. Toooo cute!!!

Baby Animal Fight Club!


* * POSSUM: "Prehensile tails be soes rad. We kin hang-out ands has conversation, likes now!

MOMONGAS // Japanese dwarf flying squirrels

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel (Pteromys momonga; Hepburn: Nihon momonga) is a type of flying squirrel.

Recuperating babies after being found in abandoned nest

Thistle be a big adventure: Baby dormice nursed back to health after they were found helpless in nest after mother died

magicalnaturetour: Adorable baby dormice by Richard Austin via the dailymail My dose of cute for the day They are so sweet I just wanna squeal with delight!

look at that  opossum mom !

Les opossums pourraient vous sauver des morsures de serpent

How many Opossum babies can you count? Opossum mother and her babies and we think ONE kid is heavy!

looking at this will make your day

Here's a fun batch of perfectly timed animal photos. And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think they'll do cutest animal picture ever

Trance music #truth

But I'm kinda worried about the hamster. I mean, you can never trust a cat with a hamster. Just look at the cat! It's just sitting there, giving the hamster the death stare.


28 tiernas fotografías de pequeños ratones que te harán mirarlos de otra manera

When they're in our homes and eating our food, most consider mice to be repulsive pests. But out in their native fields and woodlands, mice are about as cute as it gets. Because of their adaptability and speed, they are one of the most wide-spread and suc

Apparently Everything In Japan Is Cuter

Cuteness overload all eyes! Siberian or Russian flying squirrels pictured on Japanese island Hokkaido Pictures of them playing are unusual as they are shy animals and nocturnal

Possums are one of the sweetest animals ever. They can't carry diseases and would never hurt anyone or anything. They are adorable and lovable I wish I had one! FAVORITE ANIMAL❤❤❤

Opossum - an awesome animal! North America& only marsupial (raises babies in a pouch like a kangaroo), has a prehensile tail (can grasp branches like a monkey), highly immune to disease, and has more teeth than any other land animal!