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Ravens symbolize the veil between the world of the living and the dead... My spirit guide is a raven.... I find it ironic.

RAVENS symbolize the veil between the world of the living and the dead. OP: "My spirit guide is a raven. I find it ironic. I have an awful fear that my spirit guide would be a hippopotamus.

I am a Spirited Woman Visionary with the courage to dance with the shadow and embrace the light, to step forth to be the fullest of all I can be ... to serve our troubled world and rekindle reconnection with all the Sacredness that surrounds us.

Phantom woman, phantom ravens: Queen of ravens by Milolika on deviantART

Photographer & Artist: Daniel Vazquez “SIREN III” ”

the occult, the dark and mysticism are the main themes in daniel velazquez’s (american ghoul) work, exploring death, the darkness that lives in the shadows and dark symbolism.

Imagen de black and black and white

Dame has very big wings, out of his family his are the biggest, which makes his father and brothers hate him even

Blodeuwedd, Welsh (Celtic) - Spring & Owl Goddess of flowers, an aspect of the White Goddess of death and life.a Queen of Swords