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The Korean music video of “Who’s Your Mama” by Jin Young Park (2015) is related to the term “men gaze” and defines the ideal beauty of Korean women by objectifying them for men. The singer's gaze towards the hips and the lyrics, “from head to toe I can’t stop staring,” and “rock solid thighs catch people’s eye” explain how women should have wide hips and thighs with muscle in order to attract men and have their gaze. Women become objects of men that oblige to attract others’ attention…

His expression is so funny but yet the choreo and singing was so professional. I think JYP uses of his own "half air half sound" theory, Kekekekeke

SHINee 샤이니_Married To The Music_Music Video #shinee #marriedtothemusic LUV THIS SONG!!!! also luv hold you, chocolate, and savior...

SHINee 샤이니_Married To The Music_Music Video.Creepy shinee but me likey.

B.I.G "Hello"!!! Their debut!!! 😄😄😊😊☺☺☺ :33333  { #BIG #BoysInGroove #Hello #Debut #BIGHello #HelloBIG #BoysInGrooveHello #HelloBoysInGroove #BIGDebut #DebutBIG #BoysInGrooveDebut #DebutBoysInGroove #Beginning #GHEntertainment #Kpop }

Hello by BIG (Boys in Groove) Love this band c: Catchy beat and interesting way of doing their lyrics!

U-KISS(유키스) NEVERLAND(네버랜드) M/V Full ver. it sounds mediocre at first, but then the chorus is amazing.

U-Kiss - Neverland I adore these because of their brilliant songs, and their flawless dance routines

Davichi releases “Cry Again” MV + “Davichi Hug” EP

After much anticipation, Davichi has released their long awaited mini-album Davichi Hug, along with the music video for "Cry Again.

I got: Crazy - 4Minute! Nice to know everyone thinks I'm crazy (probably am though...) Which K-Pop song matches your personality?

Which K-Pop song matches your personality?