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fokker dvii

fokker dvii

S.A.I. Ambrosini 207 (1943) - S.A.I. Ambrosini 403 (1943)

The Ambrosini was a light fighter interceptor built from wood and developed in Fascist Italy during WWII. Powered by a Isotta-Fraschini Delta, the enjoyed extreme success during evaluation of the 12 pre-production aircraft.

Savoia-Marchetti 79 Sparviero

Savoia-Marchetti 79 Sparviero - history, photos, specification of the Savoia-Marchetti 79 Sparviero


said: Can you recommend any sources for pre-war/early war Luftwaffe camouflage schemes for aircraft? I only have cursory knowledge of Luftwaffe plane camo, so I know.