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this makes me miss having a puppy!

15 Puppies Sleeping With Their Stuffies Is The CUTEST Thing You Will See All Day


Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Alert and Affectionate

A baby Shiba Inu... Ya gotta luv it!

Seventeen years ago I was introduced to the Shiba dog breed when I added a new member to our family by the name of Tess. The first thing about her that captivated me was her alert, intelligent eyes even though she was just a young puppy. I knew she.

Doggies, gotta love them :3       OMG i wish my doggie could do that!!!

Considering I was cleaning up dog puke all night last night, I really wish this picture was true. And it's a Corgi.so, basically it's the most adorable thing ever(next to Marshall and Lilly).

Sneakers the Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Alert and Affectionate

is finally here!

I'm thinking of getting a second dog and I think I might like a corgi

51 Corgi GIFs That Will Change Your Life

funny-little-corgi-dog-fluffy-butt. fluffy butt is what I call my corgi