Fashion and the Internet have collided spectacularly in this series of awesome embroidered cat shirts by Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota.

#вышивка #рубашка #узор #ткань #мода #кошка Невероятно! «Кошачью» вышивку от Хироко Кубота разбирают как горячие пирожки Всё просто: Хироко Кубота из Японии вышивает котиков на рубашках. Милые создания в...

Cute embroidered cats and kittens peek out of side pockets of unique shirts. These creative shirts are ideal specially for cat lovers designed by artist Hiroko Kubota. Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota was in the […]

Embroidered Cats..just plain cute  What a fun way to practice stitches and perfect inspiration for a child to stitch.

An embroidery pattern for six different cute cats, from Shiny Happy World! The perfect feline embroidery collection for cat lovers everywhere!

Elizabeth Pawle embroidery

Elizabeth Pawle's Neatly "Scattered" Embroideries

Embroidery // Elizabeth Pawle's scattering embroideries remind me doodles made with thread. The bevy of colors and shapes are organized in aesthetically-pleasing squares.

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Free Embroidery Designs, Cute Embroidery Designs One pinner said : There has been several times I "pin it" knowing full well that I had done so over a month ago. Why is this giving me so much trouble?