This was a fun craft project that I did with a 4 year old.  I cut out the box and had it folded for her.  I also used a circle punch to cut out the circles in advance.  She used crayons to decorate the circles, then went over them with watercolors.  Once dry, she glued on the circles and stems.  Very bright and cheerful!

Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage-did with graders. added blue sky with drawn/colored flowers for background.

DIY Paper Flower Garland, with printable templates. This basically looks like the "how to" for the Anthropologie backdrop that I tried (and failed) to do for my own wedding. I almost want to try this one now just to see if I could make it!

Cascading Paper Flower Garland + Tutorial

Make this DIY cascading paper flower garland of gorgeous yellow and white flowers to decorate your wedding, spring party, or a wall in your home!

DIY Flower Poms

Pretty Flower Pom Poms - easy tutorial to make beautiful decorations for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings!

tule instead of paper for loner lasting

Tulle Pom Pom Tutorial I used about 20 yards if tulle for each one.and it can be any size tulle not just 6 inch. Just don't pull the tulle tight when wrapping tri sigma moms day

wall art

Use newspaper, sheet music, or an old books pages to create fun flowers to attach to wood to create a piece of art, or hang from ceiling, or put an arrangement on sticks and put in a vase for decoration.might make art for my room!