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My little sister is like a shining star in my eyes I can't sleep without her and all I can say is that I love her she is my light from darkness when I am afraid to be alone , love your sister : )

애뽈 Aeppol...Korean...연약한 줄기 끝 작게 피어난 연분홍 꽃망울들. 저마다 망울진 꽃잎들이 소박하니 고와서 가만히 바라보고 있어도 절로 미소 짓게 합니다.   Pink buds bloomed on the tip of weak branches. Each bloomed bud is so simple and lovely that it makes you smile just by staring at them.

미소 짓게 합니다 (It's making me smile) by 애뽈 on