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大膽 Official MV Jane Zhang 張靚穎 - YouTube

I LOVE Tiny G! I think they're cute and I adore this song. I wanna learn this dance so bad! But I'm a terrible dancer as of now. TINY-G(타이니지) _ MINIMANIMO(미니마니모) MV

PSY's back with his latest video "New Face" with more ridiculous singing and dancing

His expression is so funny but yet the choreo and singing was so professional. I think JYP uses of his own "half air half sound" theory, Kekekekeke

[MV] ORANGE CARAMEL '까탈레나(Catallena)' Music video -- Orange Caramel vids are always reliably wacky with a capital WHA? And with fun mu. Polkadot lashes, anyone? Love the bollywood beats in this.

[M/V] miss A(미쓰에이) "남자 없이 잘 살아"(I don't need a man) They said it best Subtitles are available if you want to understand everything that they're saying

LA chA Ta - f(x) - The outfits in this are very fun! I still love how they try to sound different in each song too!