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The Film World is in the midst of a three-dimensional craze, and its latest eye-popping gem is "Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake". The film's featured star, Richard Winsor, is something of a startling vision himself.

'Swan Lake,' With Bare-Chested Men In Feathered Pants

Matthew Bourne’s fantastic, male-driven 1995 re-envisioning of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” This film, starring principal dancers Richard Winsor and Nina Goldman, which was recorded at Sadler’s Wells in

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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake  by ~ilxwing

Such a strong bird, graceful and powerful. Male swan in my mind is just like this. Well done, Matthew Bourne and Adam Cooper Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

Why I Love… Matthew Bourne « Damn, That's Some Fine Tailoring

Why I Love… Matthew Bourne

'I was very influenced by Hitchcock's The Birds' … Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.