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[Photos] Added English posters for the upcoming Korean movie "Loves, Lies" @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

One Way Trip

One Way Trip (글로리데이) Korean - Movie - Picture

My Girlfriend is an Agent.    4 STARS.   This was my first Korean movie.  Very fun, and loved this actor who I also saw in Lie to Me.  But I soon realized that the romance in Korean movies is a lot steamier than what they show in Kdramas.

My Girlfriend is an Agent 공무원) Korean - Movie Starring: Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan

Demiştim Daniel Choi'nin filmlerini yavaş yavaş sömürürüm diye. Nihayet bu filmi de kıyıp izledim. Öncelikle belirteyim ki filmi izlerk...

Upcoming 2012 Korean Movie(August) – The Traffickers – Movie database

천국의 우편배달부 (Postman to Heaven) - 2009

Watch Heaven S Postman Online. Jaejoon, isn't your ordinary postman, he delivers letters to Heaven from those missing their loved ones.

pied piper= ha-kyun shin

[Photos] Added new posters and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Pied Piper" @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database