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Yoongi wit blonde hair an undercut and a snapback makes my knees weak

bareface and forehead 😫👌😫👌 // restored by me - - - - # - unbleachedidols

One of the many reasons why I love him. He just understands things in a way that a lot of my family, friends, and peers can’t. I’ve never particularly had a dream, I just chose a future career that I think matches well with me and now I’m working towards that. It’s so hard to explain to people that it’s not a dream.

I was not ready for this touching words. When I first saw this I legit cried because I have no real dream. I love Min Yoongi for saying this.

This episode of run bts is my legit favorite

You know shit is about to go down when you see the forehead//look at this eyebrows.they are way better in everything than I am in my life😥

I think this pic Suga look beautiful than me

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