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COFFEE CHESTNUT PUREE by NESPRESSO Just for gourmet coffee lovers. The Livanto Grand Cru, with fruity, caramelised notes, is enhanced by whipped cream with chestnut cream and candied chestnuts.

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Aztec Coffee Delight: Put condensed milk to a cappuccino cup Add cocoa, cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon of milk and mix. 1 shot of espresso and top with cream.

Erdei Kávé Krém By <em>Nespresso</em>.

Tea- and coffee-loving dinner party guests alike will enjoy the hints of raspberry and mint in this Woody Coffee Creamy recipe. Plus, the delightfully earthy notes will delight everyone’s senses in unexpected ways.

L’amandine Café | Imagine mixing the creaminess of chestnut with the bold flavors of the Arpeggio Grand Cru and turning them into something truly special. This coffee creation is sure to be an indulgent surprise that you’ll love sharing with family and friends.

L'amandine café Imagine an almond tart, full of the creaminess of chestnut and the strength of the Arpeggio Grand Cru An indulgent surprise to share!

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Hazelnut Cappuccino - for my Nespresso machine - Ultimate coffee creations

Satisfy your espresso craving with this Moka Latte—a sweet and savory harmony of chocolate and Livanto Grand Cru is finished off with a touch of whipped cream and cocoa powder. This coffee creation will take you into new sensory dimensions.

Give your classic mocha latte a makeover with this coffee creation. This Sweet Mocha is a harmony of chocolate, an espresso Grand Cru, and whipped cream—it’s sure to impress and ready to enjoy in just 5 minutes time.

Nespresso Ultimate coffee creations

Discover a wide variety of Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Recipes created with our Nespresso Grands Crus

Cappuccino - Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Creations

Master the art of Cappuccino and give in to the ultimate temptation with a blend of creamy milk foam and the character of Espresso Grand Crus.

A collection of Espresso based ultimate recipes - Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Creations

Discover a wide variety of Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Recipes created with our Nespresso Grands Crus