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sometimes the music just can't get loud enough. music is food for your soul

so true.  earphones in, volume up #music #cures

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goodtypography: “ “You are what you listen to”-by Tyler Smith ”

Music Keeps Me Going. You know, for some, this might be just a cute little thing to say. But on some days, listening to my favorite songs truly keeps me going and keeps my energy and determination up.

Music Keeps Me Going. I did this in letter press for my senior show at Otis College Music Keeps Me Going

Music is where many people can escape the stress of reality and feel good for a bit of time. It helps you cope.

Music is the sweetest escape quotes music quote escape music quotes song quotes

Music is what feelings sound like

Music is what feeling sound like because you can hear feelings thru the lyrics. Lyrics tell a story of someone's emotions, feelings, memory, or dreams. If you are a true music fan, you will understand! I need this sign!

Music. ...

So True. My Mama sang all the time songs from her past. Now that she's in heaven, I long to hear her sing one more time. But hearing her songs fill my heart with joy & fond memories.



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"We're the Therapists pumping through your speakers." Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year