Rin x Gou x Sousuke I love their relationship so much and this is so touching both of I'm are like brothers

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Free! Eternal Summer || Character Info ~ Haruka Nanase, Rin Matuoka, Makoto Tachibana, Mamotaro Mikoshiba, Rei Ryuugazaki, Sousuke Yamazaki, Nagisa Hazuki, Aiichiro Nitori.

I know much about zodiac signs so Haru should be pisces, and Makoto cancer (i am a cancer :D) , Rin is scorpio omg what have the ANIME done? And Souske is like a Taurus, and yeah, no one of them fit in theirs zodiac.


I don't even watch free for fucks sake and even I ship them, just from seing this<< makoharu ftw

Rin has this effect on the fangirls, let's be honest here. ;3

Type: Friendship, Anime(s)/Show(s): Free!, Character(s): Left to Right: Nitori, Rin, Comment: Me and my friends.


ES ~~ Momotaro makes the mistake of flirting with Rin's sister even as his roommate looks on in horror. :: Aiichiro, Momotarou, Rin, and Gou - Momo is so freaking cute ♡ XD

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Eternal Summer Episode 5 Nagisa, Rei, Never giving up! Courtesy of…