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Check out this unique elevator ad. Premier Elevator provides full Print and Design services for unique branding or advertising that utilizes the one space everyone uses in your building.

Tyskie beer advertisement. Brought to you by - promotional products for your business.

122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples

A great way to get people to reach for your product, design stickers that go with the door handles. That’s what Tyskie Beer did. When you reach to open the door, Tyskie makes it looks like you are actually reaching for a refreshing Tyskie beer.

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I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad. Omg the condom so hilarious

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The Outdoor Advert titled CVV (Suicide Prevention Center): Help yourself, 1 was done by Leo Burnett Tailor Made Sao Paulo advertising agency for Cvv in Brazil. It was released in Jul

Duracell- midia alternativa.

Dramatic advertising via floor graphic that reveals the escalator motive power is Duracell. The look of an open escalator access…

Los mejores fotomontajes publicitarios de ayer, hoy y siempre | Cooking Ideas. Anuncio de Durex.

Creative advertising ideas stay in your memory and are a great tool to get attention. Below you find over 200 great examples of creative adverting ideas fr

Much Better Than Those Silly Cones... I Want Some Of These Soooo Bad Now. :)

Funny pictures about All wet floor signs should look like this. Oh, and cool pics about All wet floor signs should look like this. Also, All wet floor signs should look like this.