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from Alabama Chanin - Grandmother Smith - 93 years old - happy birthday

An entry from Alabama Chanin

from Alabama Chanin - Grandmother Smith - 93 years old - happy birthday

Georgia OKeefe - master artist. You would never guess that this little old lady was one of the most creative and vibrant painters of all time!

Georgia O'Keefe: "I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do." NOTICE the Alexander Calder brooch at her neckline.

the little one wants to be like her big sister 2923435389_1_3.jpg photo by ekenit64 on imgfave

just because you don`t look like the other " crayons" in the box. DOES NOT mean you still can`t make the most beautiful pictures! DON`T you EVER give up on YOU! You are simply AMAZING! - I love this quote! It's got me through some tough times xx

SFR Mail

Toshiko Takaezu: "You are not an artist simply because you paint or sculpt or make pots that cannot be used. An artist is a poet in his or her own medium. And when an artist produces a good piece, that work has mystery, an unsaid quality; it is alive.

Maiko Takeda. Huvudbonad, Atmospheric Reentry 2013. Foto: Yuen Hsieh

Milliner and jewellery designer Maiko Takeda is the brilliant mind behind "Atmospheric Reentry", a series of sculptural head and body pieces.

Maiko Takeda not glass but love it anyways

London-based fashion designer’s Maiko Takeda’s latest collection, “Atmospheric Reentry” is more like a series of wearable sculptures. Slivers of ultra-thin plastic extend from the garments

Iris Apfel Photo by Bruce Weber

This eighty-six year old lady is the epitome of style. She wears big, bold jewelry and beautiful ornate clothing. So popular is she, that a book was written about her titled: The Irreverent Iris Apfel: Rare Bird of Fashion

Capote's Black and White Ball

Truman Capote was a strange man: eccentric, selfish, talented and obsessed with high society.

fairy tiara - irene mcbride

fairy tiara - irene mcbride

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini (Actress Model) Ingrid Bergman and Italian Director Rossellini illegitimate daughter. Filmmaker author mainly known as the Lancome model and her movies Blue Velvet and her part in Death Becomes Her.

Frida Kahlo- Great Necklace, and instructions on how to make it.

A necklace fit for Frida

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits. Her work has become worldly famous along with her distinctive choice of appearance. As she kept her distinctive unibrow. Kahlo died in 1954 but still remains to inspire many.

Meryl Streep, Vogue (1979)

Meryl Streep, Vogue Most of my friends and family think I'm nuts because I have never been a fan. However, I appreciate her talent. She is a great actor.