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Donglu Yu Concept Art and Illustration

design magazine Great environments concept art and illustrations Could be a city in the Al-Qadim D&D campaign setting

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메마른 협곡

메마른 협곡

ArtStation - The Subsidence, Lukasz Wiktorzak

Matte painting made for environment design training. As you can see in step by step section, I also used Zbrush and Mari for prepare a cross-section of volcano, but after that I covered this part using stock.

HIVE_Nexus, Titus Lunter on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/hive_nexus

Titus Lunter is a Freelance Concept Artist / Illustrator. TitusGraduated in 2010 at the IGAD game academy in the Netherlands, in Game Architecture / Concept Art