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스트레스를 줄이는 아주 간단한 습관 7 (일러스트)

스트레스를 줄이는 아주 간단한 습관 7 (일러스트)

this is like old man hand face guy

My dad used to draw a smily face on his finger when we were mad just to make us laugh. It would be fun to get a tattoo for him!

Para reflexionar

We've saved so much in education that we've become millionaires in ignorance.

Principe azzurro

There is a lot complicated women, when when they appear the Blue Prince, is not the tone of blue that wanted.


not the faith tattoo but the Jimmy Buffett quote on the bracelet. My next tattoo needs to be something that will keep me calm when I'm going crazy.

Buenos días!

Mafalda buen despertar - Good morning world, good morning to all good people of…