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고든의 블로그 구글 분점

Soft tissues associated with the Haplophrentis operculum. Dorsal view of specimen, anterior to the top. And just look at the helens on that.

고든의 블로그 구글 분점

Reconstruction of Garganornis ballmanni by Stefano Maugeri

Titanis walleri: The bird that ate horses

Titanis walleri: The bird that ate horses


Welcome to Keiji Terakoshi's Illustrations Gallery DOFU-AN. If you are lucky, you will find special displays, too!

Epidexipteryx hui vs Nephila jurassica by atrox1.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

From Sauropods to Tyrannosaurs, Your Guide to the 15 Major Types of Dinosaurs: Dino-Birds

mononykus | Mononykus olecranus, life size, 36" long, real feathers | cute

Mononykus olecranus, life size, long - Modern dinosaur theory believes that most of the bipedal dinosaurs had feathers and that modern birds have evolved from some smaller relatives.