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This is my life. Between two windows. Black and white cat. Trying to sleep. My life.


It's so cute the way cats will always find a certain something special to sleep on. Not just the plain old sheet or blanket, but usually some laundry.

Beautiful Things...

Thor and the cat stare out the window pondering the deep questions of life like, "Why am I so hot?

How Does it Look?

If this looks like shit we're taking another one. - Nature photographer shows fox his picture.


I saw this and immediately asked my husband if we could get this many kittens and line them up on our bed to greet me. He may be the only thing keeping me from being the cat lady.


"For the love of God, turn the page. You are like the slowiest reader ever." ¦ 12 Cats Who Are Serious About Reading . These 12 images of cats and books are great! The one above is my favorite.

This is pretty much how Newt and I spend Saturday mornings.  Rylie sits on the dresser and looks on disapprovingly.

An entry from note to self

Listening to Kriss Kross: "Jump.The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump. The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump.Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump.

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Here are The Animal Rescue Site, we pride ourselves on our level of cat craziness and believe you should, too. Scroll down to find out if your feline fanaticism qualifies you to join the Crazy Cat Lady Club!

Aqui você encontra dicas para uma vida saudável, lugares incríveis para conhecer, novidades no mundo e curiosidades de forma geral.

Gato pede abraço a seu dono e fica instantaneamente famoso

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