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The Majestic Raven - one of natures most intelligent birds, with an organized social structure very much like humans. Able to imitate any sounds including other birds, animals and the human voice. Spiritually Ravens have the power to carry consciousness to alternate dimensions, realities and the spirit world.

10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens Mental Floss (bb: fascinating is not an overstatement.

Raven's Eye by Henrik Nilsson on 500px

Raven are very opportunistic - and at times photographers must be too. This raven (and my rental car) was captured in Yellowstone National Park. Please note this image is copyright protected.

Black and White Crow?

Hooded crow also called hoodie, is a Eurasian bird species in the Corvus genus. Widely distributed, it is also known locally as the Scotch crow .

Attracting Crows and Ravens:

Crows and ravens (and most birds of the corvid family) are very intelligent creatures and make great pets. However, the US government forbids people to own them as pets, so you can do the next bes.

Your daily raven! Wendy Davis Photography

Wendy Davis Photography added 430 new photos to the album: Your daily raven.

Your daily (baby) raven via Wendy Davis Photography FB

Your daily (baby) raven via Wendy Davis Photography FB