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BTS_BiTS (@BTS_BiTS) | Twitter

J-Hope ❤ [Bangtan Trans Weibo] Hope oppa in rest mode for tomorrow!

Suga (YOONgi) and his favorite dongsaeng, JiMIN | #yoonmin

Read from the story Somehow by _Jimins_Jams_ (Mami) with reads. Yoongi accidentally wakes up first. Jimin is.

☀️☀️precious sunshine  I just don't get it how people CAN call him ugly they are just so disrespectful

Hobi is so fucking adorable, I can't.

Naver Starcast 1/2

What would you do if you would Wake up and see him💁? I would die 😌🔫

WHY does Jimin make himself look SHORTER?! ADORABLE

Awwww, look at Jungkookie and Chim Chim! Sometimes I can't believe Jungkook is the maknae.